Destiny 2: Lightfall: Release date, expansion details

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Destiny 2 will be turning six years old in September and despite its age, Bungie continues to provide new content in the form of expansions. The newest expansion arriving soon is Destiny 2: Lightfall.

What makes this expansion so interesting is that it will mark the beginning of the end. Destiny 2 has featured a well-known ongoing story and the Lightfall expansion will truly bring the story to its highest point so far and many questions that you have should be answered.

When can we expect Destiny 2: Lightfall to be released?

The bad news is that Destiny 2: Lightfall is not available to play as of this moment. The good news is that you will not have to wait long at all before you get your hands on it. Destiny 2: Lightfall will be released on February 28 and will bring a new Strand subclass, a new location to visit, new weapons, new story content, and even an all-new Raid.

What to expect from all the new content

The introduction of the new Strand subclass is very interesting. The Strand subclass is the fifth subclass in total and the second “Darkness” subclass.

One of the biggest features that the Strand subclass has is the ability to use a grappling hook. Not only will the grappling hook allow you to grapple onto specific objects, but you can grapple out of thin air if you so choose.

Don’t expect to just start out with Strand, however. You must earn it by playing through the Lightfall story and then you will eventually unlock it. Strand draws its power from a psychic dimension called “Weave” and will allow to alter reality a little bit.

Along with the Strand subclass, you will also be able to travel to Neptune’s Capital, Neomuna. This city is very heavily scattered with lots of neon. Neomuna is highly advanced and has been around since the collapse. Cloud Striders are protecting the city of Neomuna and it is up to you to align yourself with them to make sure Neptune’s Capital is safe from any threats.

As I mentioned before, Destiny 2: Lightfall will bring new story campaign content into the game. The new campaign content will be able to be played on Legendary difficulty, which allows for greater rewards if you feel like testing yourself. During the campaign you will come across a shadow legion led by Calus. These enemies are surely none to take lightly as they have the ability to hinder the usage of some of your abilities, making them even tougher to defeat. Those won’t be the only new enemies that you will encounter. Tormentor enemies are new and can attack you from distance and from up close making them also very tough to deal with.

Just like you might expect with a major expansion like this, there will also be new weapons and exotics as well. Nothing better than mowing down new enemies with some new weapons and exotics. Luckily, all of this new stuff that is coming with the Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion is right around the corner.

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Unfortunately, the new Raid Event won’t be available on February 28. Instead, the Raid Event will be available on March 10 with more details coming in the very near future. This won’t be the last expansion that Destiny 2 will feature as Destiny 2: The Final Shape is expected to be released sometime 2024. There are little to no details regarding that expansion, though. What are you most excited for from Destiny 2: Lightfall?