Hogwarts Legacy: How many endings are there?

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Hogwarts Legacy has been out for nearly two weeks by now, and many of you are probably nearing the end of your adventure in the wizarding world. Throughout your journey, you’ve probably made many decisions to shape your witch or wizard. The question is, do these decisions ultimately impact the final outcome of Hogwarts Legacy?

With other RPGs, the choices you make throughout your playthrough can have an effect on the ending. In Hogwarts Legacy, your actions throughout the game don’t won’t impact how the general story unfolds; however, there is one major decision at the end of the game that determines which ending you get.

How many endings are there in Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are a total of three different endings. The “good” and the “evil” ending are offered at the end of the campaign. The decision you make here will impact how the story plays out in the end.

*Warning: Spoilers for Hogwarts Legacy ending

Towards the end of your playthrough, after you’ve battled your way to the Final Repository of Ancient Magic, Professor Fig will ask what you intend to do with it. You can answer: “I intend to open it” or “I intend to keep it contained here.”

Opening the Repository will result in the “evil” ending, while keeping it contained will give you the “good” ending. Regardless of which answer you choose, the scene will be interupted by Ranrok interrupting and claiming the dark power for himself. He’ll transform into a big magical dragon and you’ll have to fight him.

Now here’s how the endings change. If you chose to open it, Professor Fig will be killed in the cutscene before you fight the Ranrok Dragon. At the end of the battle, your character will absorb the dark energy and their eyes will glow red for a brief second.

Unfortunately, even if you kept it contained for the “good” ending, Professor Fig will still die. Although he survives the fight, he still passes away as you put the ancient power back in the Repository.

It’s worth noting that regardless of which ending you choose, it does not impact your post-game experience. You don’t gain any special powers by absorbing the ancient magic. Although it’s interesting to think if the ending you chose will have any impact on potential future DLC, should there be any.

Hogwarts Legacy “True Ending”

There’s also a third ending, which is considered the True Ending. This involves continuing your playthrough beyond the main campaign and winning the House Cup. We have an entire guide on how to unlock the true ending here.