Lies of P gets new character trailer and release info

Neowiz Games, Round 8 Studio
Neowiz Games, Round 8 Studio /

Lies of P has been a bit of a mystery so far with not a lot of gameplay/story details revealed. Earlier this weekend at IGN Fan Fest, we finally got a release window of this August. Today, we are fortunate enough to get a brand new character trailer to give us a few more details on what to expect this Summer.

The new trailer showcases a character called Simon in the middle of a ruined city. It appears to be the person who created Pinocchio, but it could be a deliberate misdirection. We see a vast amount of power being sucked into a machine and what appears like Pinocchio being created along with a horrific-looking machine.

As Pinocchio, we’ll be forced to roam this ruined city scrounging for materials to make weapons. The story will consist of a number of dialogue choices that impact our gameplay. Specifically, the more you lie the more human Pinocchio will become. At the start, we are a blend of a puppet and a robot and must find Mr. Geppetto somewhere in the city.

We still don’t know much more about the story, as this is a twist on the classic Disney tale. Pinocchio always wanted to be a real boy and was told not to lie. In Lies of P, however, it appears that becoming human is a punishment for lying – the total opposite effect. You can see what it means when the developer says there will be profound dialogue choices. Forcing your character to lie to NPCs in order to become human does indeed present a moral dilemma.

Lies of P will release on PC and both PlayStation and Xbox console generations this August. It will also be a day-one Game Pass title on Xbox. Are you excited about this new twist on a Disney classic? Let us know below.