Is Jensen Ackles in Atomic Heart?

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Earlier this week, Mundfish released a trailer for the upcoming action role-playing Atomic Heart. The live-action trailer didn’t necessarily show off gameplay from Atomic Heart but rather poked some light-hearted fun at another recently released game, Hogwarts Legacy.

The trailer sees a young female witch attempting to cast spells to eliminate a bot by casting a spell. Unsuccessful in her attempt, she snaps her wand in half. Feeling down, in steps Jensen Ackles to show her how it’s properly done. He makes quick work of the bots using a ridiculously souped-up melee weapon which, of course, is reflective of the type of weapons you’ll fight within the game.

Ackles, of course, is famous for his roles in The Boys and Supernatural. He recently played Soldier Boy in the hit superhero Amazon series, The Boys. Hes’ also voiced Bruce Wayne/Batman in various animated movies.

In the trailer, Jensen Ackles is playing the role of Major Sergei Nechaev, the main protagonist in Atomic Heart. His portrayal of this character has led some to question whether or not the Hollywood star is actually in the game.

Is Jensen Ackles in Atomic Heart?

At this point, neither Mundfish nor publisher Focus Entertainment have officially announced the voice cast for Atomic Heart. It’s entirely possible that Ackles could be the voice of Major Sergie Nechaev in the game, but it’s also possible that he was brought on to lend some star power specifically for this live-action trailer. We’ve seen other games, especially Call of Duty, turn to Hollywood stars for their special live-action trailers and these actors don’t necessarily wind up voicing characters in the game.

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Atomic heart is set to release on February 21, 2023, so we’ll find out soon enough if Jensen Ackles actually voices Major Sergie Nechaev in the game. Atomic Heart will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.