Hogwarts Legacy: Which house is most popular?

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Hogwarts Legacy is just over a few days old and already people have flocked to choosing their house and picking their wands. Your house of choice unlocks a variety of different quests and character interactions, and all four are required should you decide to go for that platinum trophy or 100% completion. Console players have made their choice clear as all four houses are ranked from most to least popular with the percentage of players choosing each one. If you’ve been following the memes, it’s not all that surprising. Let’s take a look at them below.

Based on the trophy and achievement tracking,  Xbox and PlayStation players are fairly equal. On Xbox, the percentages are as follows:

  1. 29.5% – Slytherin house
  2. 26.94% – Gryffindor house
  3. 19.85% – Ravenclaw house
  4. 13.56% – Hufflepuff house

On PlayStation, we get these numbers:

  1. 18.6% – Slytherin house
  2. 16% – Gryffindor house
  3. 12.4% – Ravenclaw house
  4. 7% – Hufflepuff house

Personally, I am in Hufflepuff house but am not surprised they are ranked all the way at the bottom. I do expect that number to increase as time goes on. It may not leap into another spot, but I believe it will close the gap as it’s the only house to have a quest line that takes you to Azkaban and shows off the Patronus charm.

Those looking to complete the game and get the platinum trophy will need to have four separate save files choosing each house with a new character. You’ll need to play about 2.5-3 hours into the game skipping cut scenes of the main story until you reach the part necessary to unlock the trophy/achievement for each house at the conclusion of the “Jackdaw’s rest” quest. The numbers are sure to change as the game has only just come out and many players have yet to unlock any of the four achievements for their respective house. Stats taken from Truetrophies and Trueachievements tracking

Which house did you choose? Let us know below.