Marvel Snap: Ranking the Best and Worst Venomized cards

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1) Best – Goose

Goose is honestly the most horrifying thing in Marvel that could be hit with the Venom symbiote. Think about it, you give Venom, who loves tendrils and tongues, mixed with a Flerkin who is literally a tiny vessel filled with tentacles. This cat could drag practically anything into its mouth where it would have to be in a cramped hellish dimension of tendrils. That is horrifying.

I think the design here is really interesting too. I just wish I had any idea what the tendrils in the background are doing. They seem disconnected from the rest of it and seem drawn in as an afterthought.

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1) Worst – Angel

This one kills me because a LOT of work went into drawing and coloring but not designing. It’s barely different from Warren’s standard form. The left leg is bent backward into oblivion making it look like he’s an amputee, and the fact that the symbiote is leaking out between the red and white of the outfit just makes me think Angel’s outfit has bad seams which is weird for a rich kid like that.

The wings are a nice touch but it’s basically a Halloween prop snapped on the back of this lazy design.

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Honorable Mention – Hell Cow

Absolutely not.