Marvel Snap: Ranking the Best and Worst Venomized cards

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3) Best – Red Skull

This one is a weird one for me because I genuinely hate adding the Red Skull to a list because I hate the character. In 2023 it’s not particularly pleasant adding an actual Nazi to a list, particularly in the Best category. But there’s a reason for this.

The Red Skull has a long history of taking terrifying evil powers and turning them into his own tool of destruction.  I feel that if the symbiote ever tried to take over Red Skull the Red Skull would take about 30 minutes and have it completely under his control and that’s what the art on this card conveys to me. Sure, is his giant left hand bizarre? Absolutely. But it looks like the Red Skull is in control here and that’s horrifying.

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3) Worst – Quicksilver

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hear me out. I know this one is one of the more popular ones but listen.

First off, what happened to his feet? Why would the Venom symbiote give Quicksilver chicken feet? That’s gross, and weird, and I highly doubt they can survive high-speed friction.

But also, here’s the other thing. What is Venom’s big weakness? SOUND. And what barrier does Quicksilver constantly break? YUP. He’d go full speed once and leave the symbiote in the dust like a confused puddle of oil.

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2) Best – Debrii

I’m a little bit biased here because I love Debrii. I thought her character was so cool before the events at Stanford. Her design is awesome too. I almost feel bad for her because despite having a ton of variants it seems like most artists only know how to draw her doing the same pose and the same thing.

But I think that’s what makes this card work so well. We’ve seen Debrii so many times, hands at the side, one knee up, coming at us with a ton of stuff. So having that same pose being warped like this makes it all the more terrifying because, honestly, her powers would be horrifying with Venom at the helm.

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02) Worst – Kraven

This design is so lazy. It’s literally just the 90’s Venom with a little vest on and what looks like the wig they use in the Tina Turner musical.

They could have done so many cool things here like creating a symbiotic spear or having his signature lion’s face on his chest being the Venom face, so many things. But they phoned it in so hard they used up all their minutes.