Marvel Snap: Ranking the Best and Worst Venomized cards

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Recently I did an article talking about the best and worst of Marvel’s Pixelated cards which can be seen below.  But there’s another series of variants that can tend to be very hit or miss, the Venomized cards. The concept is basically to draw a character if they became a host for the Venom symbiote. It’s a really good way to introduce several new characters to edge lords.

So, in pretty much no particular order, here are the five best and five worst, in my opinion, of the Venomized variants.

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5) Best – Cloak

This is such an awesome concept. Cloak can already be a deeply disturbing character in his own right. While often portrayed as a simple teleporter that can move a large group of people at the same time (especially during the Marvel Civil War event) writers often forget that to do so he has to take anyone that enters his cloak into a freezing cold nightmare dimension where people can lose their sanity the longer they stay in there.

Having Cloak being part Venom is all the more terrifying because it would be a massive mouth-eating someone and I can go and guess that Venom will not be worried about spitting them out any time soon.

On the other hand though…

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5) Worst – Dagger

So I think this design is kind of lazy, to be honest. It’s like they draw the character in all black and then realize it’s not “venom” enough so they’re like “long jaw?”

The main reason that this one bothers me though is because of a very nitpicky nerd reason. Dagger’s entire power set involves a purifying light. When she’s not stopping crime, she can be found using her powers to cure people of drug addictions and poisoning because her powers cleanse the body of things that don’t need to be there. Having a person overflowing with that kind of energy being a host to a symbiote makes zero sense to me and I know they only did this to pair it with Cloak who she’d heal immediately.

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4) Best – Cosmo

Cosmo is one of Marvel’s goodest boys. A dog that was sent out into space during the Soviet Space Race and never returned home only to go through a series of events that made him incredibly intelligent and gave him powerful telepathy.

The reason I like this card so much is it manages to perfectly balance the things that make Cosmo an adorable character with all the things that can make a dog so absolutely terrifying in the right conditions. The mouth, the claws, the narrow eyes, mixed with the adorable doggie spacesuit just looks cool.

Speaking of good boys…

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4) Worst – Lockjaw

This card is just a crime. Firstly, Lockjaw’s regular body looks like an obese hairless cat. I hate it so much. I also dislike how the symbiote seems ONLY interested in the head.

The biggest crime though is the face. The face seems to be affected by the curse the Simpsons have where when they look directly at the camera they become the stuff of nightmares. Not in a good way, it’s just ugly.

“Woof” indeed, Lockjaw.