The Best and Worst of Marvel Snap’s Pixelated Cards

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Now, before I get into my personal favorite and least favorite of all the cards I’d like to remind you all that these are MY personal favorites and it’s okay to have your own opinion. I’d like you to remember that.

Anyways. Here we go.

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1) Best – Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary is such a complex character and when used well in the comics can create genuinely interesting stories, just like, in a deck, when used well, can create some interesting changes, especially if your opponent throws Super Skrull out particularly early. But most of her cards do her no favors.

The vast majority of her cards either put her in ridiculous outfits she’s never really warn before or make her look horribly outdated, but the pixel card GETS HER. Out of the one million Marvel mercs out there, Typhoid Mary is a straight up gutter punk and this card celebrates it. Ripped clothing, her signature weapons, and…just for funzies…a dumpster. This card is a celebration of a character who is not only unafraid to get dirty, but…more than likely already is.

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1) Worst – Spider-Woman

I love Spider-Woman. So much. Especially when they added her as a regular character in the Captain Marvel books along side Jessica Jones, Hazmat and She-Hulk. She’s a great character who is really fun and has such a great look.

But this card is an absolute crime. She’s in her worst costume ever, her pose makes no sense, her forehead is about as big as Leader’s, her hair is a hot mess. She just looks like a reject from a low budget production of Cats out for revenge.

I use the Spider-Woman card all the time and this was the first varient of her I even unlocked but I will be damned if this version even ends up in my hand.

Honorable Mention – Best – Squirrel Girl

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Squirrel Girl is such a great character. Sure, they retconned her to hell, taking her from an adult with a long history of bad ass feats (including being the one woman Wolverine was romantically involved with he could never get over that’s still alive) and turned her into clumsy college girl fresh out of high school. But the character has ALWAYS been fun.

All the Squirrel Girl cards are pretty fun but I just really appreciate the fact that this particular card absolutely understands the assignment. My only complaint is that I hate the fact the squirrel cards she scatters aren’t also pixelated.

Honorable Mention – Worst – Korg

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I feel so bad for Korg. Korg started out as an awesome character from the World War Hulk books. A silent, pragmatic character who didn’t really want to fight but was near invincible so he pretty much could still win by just existing on the field. The character developed so heavily over the course of the books and then Taika Waititi decided to use him as a joke character in Thor: Ragnarok and suddenly he went from a thoughtful brilliant general to a weird goofball.

Marvel Snap never really understood him either because Korg throwing rocks into the opponents deck makes NO sense as he would, essentially, break off pieces of himself which…ouch.

But this pixel art? The worst crime. He looks like a barbarian screaming in pain as his body is converted into a mass of chicken nuggets. Korg gets done dirty constantly but this is FILTHY.

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