The Best and Worst of Marvel Snap’s Pixelated Cards

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3) Best – Green Goblin

Don’t get me wrong. I HATE the Green Goblin card. It’s my second least favorite card to see in a game and he straight up hints that your opponent might be a coward. But this Green Goblin card’s art is pretty great. There’s a lot of detail here and if I was playing a 16-bit Marvel game, this is what I would love the Green Goblin boss to look like.

I can see this dude wooshing back and forth over the top of the screen dropping bombs before stopping in place to manaically giggle like this leaving himself open to an attack. If I’m forced to look at this loser coming at me, at least if it looks this cool I don’t mind as much.

On the other hand there’s always…

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3) Worst – Hobgoblin

If Green Goblin hints that your opponent might be a coward, Hobgoblin straight up confirms it. The only good thing about this card is the joy of using Odin to send it back to the milksop poltroon that sent it your way in the first place.

But unlike with the pixelated Green Goblin, this one looks absolutely nasty. The art is just bad and his hood looks like he just has a protrusion coming off his head like Matt Groening’s early character “Bongo“.

It’s bad enough to play Hobgoblin, but even worse to put this gross pile of pixels on your opponent’s side.

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2) Best – Storm

Storm is an exceptional character and an absolute powerhouse. And almost as icon as her powers is her absolutely incredible costumes. She has more looks that Wasp and they’re almost all winners. With the exception of the VERY eyebrow raising variant card where they decided to add her to the “Savage Land” season pass, every one of her cards is a celebration of her amazing looks.

This one takes one of her coolest and most detailed outfits and somehow manages to convey every detail cleanly and clearly in pixel form. It’s not only a difficult thing to pull off with an outfit like this but it’s even harder to pull off WELL. This card achieves both goals while also adding two forms of lightning AND storm clouds into the mix.

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2) Worst – Infinaut

When the Infinaut was found in Marvel Snap everyone, including long time Marvel junkies like me, met it with a unanimous “who?” He’s a particular ugly character who showed up in about four issues in all of Marvel. Everything about this character’s look is a goofy choice. The toga, the weird fishbowl helmet, the random gizmos coming off his body. He’s a bad design all the way around.

But somehow the pixelated version makes him look so much worse. His toga suddenly looks shredded and that yellow bowl of liquid over his head suddenly looks like the hat that Jim Carrey wore in The Mask. Makes me wish the artist would have demands “somebody stop meeeee” when artist G-Angle was putting this together.