New Mario Baseball game is reportedly in development

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Mario is an icon in the video game industry and such a giant video game franchise that has really paved the way for tons of other franchises that we have grown to love over the decades. Still to this day, people can’t get enough of Nintendo and Mario. Mario games continue to come out every year and that won’t be stopping anytime soon. A reliable Nintendo Insider has reported that a new Mario sports game is in development and that a Mario Baseball game is what it is “very likely” to be.

The Nintendo source goes by the Zippo from Zippo Speaks blogs. According to Zippo, who has been very reliable in past reports, “Nintendo is preparing a brand new Mario Sports game, this time being developed by Bandai Namco and Now Entertainment. This is very likely to be a new installment in the Mario Baseball series, which hasn’t seen a new entry since 2008’s Mario Super Sluggers.”

Mario Super Sluggers was the latest Mario Baseball game to be released that focused solely on baseball. Mario Super Sluggers was released back in 2008 and we haven’t gotten a new installment into the baseball franchise in roughly 15 years. We are well overdue for some Mario Baseball.

Interestingly enough, the Mario franchise has gotten all new installments from their other famous sport franchises on the Nintendo Switch with Mario Golf: Super Rush, Mario Tennis Aces, and Mario Strikers: Battle League. With that being said, it is only fitting to have an updated Mario Baseball game join the mix and make its way onto the Nintendo Switch.

As far as any other news regarding the potential new baseball game, the only other thing that was said is that Pac-Man is also a good possibility of being a guest character. That would be intersting to see Pac-Man step up to the plate.

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As of right now, there is no other information on the next upcoming Mario title. However, given the reputation that Zippo has, I would have to strongly side with this report and expect official word from Nintendo on a Mario Baseball game at some point this year. Nintendo is famous with breaking some news during a Nintendo Direct. With the next Nintendo Direct rumored to take place this February, there is always a chance that we are potentially teased with the idea of the next installment in the Mario Baseball video game franchise.