Atomic Heart gameplay overview trailer shows how intense the game is

Mundfish /

Atomic Heart, the first-person action RPG set in an alternate 1955 USSR received a new deep-dive gameplay trailer today from developer Mundfish and publisher Focus Home Interactive. The trailer features juicy new footage, showcasing a cinematic shooter that shines not only for its combat but for its intrigue, setting, characters and deep mechanics.

The basic story breakdown is a USSR scientist named Dmitri is located in a top-secret robot manufacturing base called Facility 3826. Dmitri creates Polymer in 1936 and uses it to expand into creating assistant robots called Collective. These robots take over manual labor jobs, allowing humans to focus more on arts and science. Based on the success, Dmitri and the authorities attempt to roll out Collective 2.0 which allows humans to control the robots using only the power of thought through an implant. Of course, it all goes wrong after the program is hacked and robots go on a rampage.

As Major P3, we are sent to figure out what happened and end the robot uprising. The story will take place in bizarre underground tunnels, civilian research facilities, robot manufacturing plants and other wild locations. Utilizing our handy palm AI robot, we will be able to use elemental attacks such as freezing, electric and even deploy force fields. It acts as a guide, provides a bit of your shrouded history, gives some mid-mission banter, hacks robots and other equipment and communicates with other NPCs.

According to the trailer, Facility 3826 has over five giant locations consisting of over 25 hours of gameplay. Your choice of gameplay depends entirely on your style. You can create various melee items as well as a number of guns. Shooters will need to beware of ammo supply as it is finite. You will have to create ammo in one of the machines scattered throughout the game or find some by scowering the environment. As the developer states, you should know one thing: “In Atomic Heart, the price of truth will be paid in blood as the Utopian dream is not what it seems”.

Atomic Heart truly looks as bizarre as people have thought. Even more so to be honest. Take a look at the trailer below and let us know what you think. It launches on February 21, 2023, on PC, PS5, Series S/X and is a day-one Game Pass title as well. There are four editions up for pre-order, consisting of the following items;

  1. The Limited Edition Bundle, exclusive to the Focus Entertainment Store, which includes the base game, a Steelbook®, a metal poster and the official artbook designed by Mundfish
  2. The Standard Edition, which includes the base game
  3. The Gold Edition, which includes the base game and the Atomic Pass
  4. The Premium Edition, which includes the base game, the Atomic Pass, an exclusive digital artbook and extra cosmetics.

The Atomic Pass will feature four DLC packs. The first pack, called Labor & Science, comes free of charge with all physical copies of the game and is included with digital pre-orders of any edition.