Dead Space Remake: All nine weapon locations

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7. Contact Beam (Chapter 4)

Onto Chapter 4 to find the Contact Beam. Just like most of the weapons in the Dead Space Remake, the Contact Beam is going to be fairly easy to find. All you have to do in Chapter 4, is head on over to the Records Office. However, in order to access the room, Security Clearance Level 2 needs to be in effect. The Records Office door is very close to the Mining Administration door. Inside of the Records Office there is a dead body on the ground. Along with the dead body is the Contact Beam.

8. Line Gun (Chapter 5)

Chugging along through the Dead Space story, you can find your eighth weapon, the Line Gun, in Chapter 5. In order to retrieve the Line Gun, you will have to make your way to the fourth floor. When you arrive on the fourth floor, make your way to the Emergency Equipment Storage. Just like the Contact Beam from Chapter 4, you will be required to have Security Clearance Level 2 in effect. Make your way into the Emergency Equipment Storage and the Line Gun will be laying on the ground right when you walk in.

9. Force Gun (Chapter 6)

The ninth and final weapon you can acquire in the Dead Space Remake is the Force Gun. The Force Gun will be found in Chapter 6 when you are given the Objective to “Inject Wheezer 01.” You will need to make your way onto the second floor to find West Seedling Room A. Similar to the Contact Beam and the Line Gun, you will need to make sure you are at Security Clearance Level 2 to access West Seedling Room A. Once you enter the room, you will find Force Energy and the Force Gun on the floor. Upon picking up the Force Gun, you should get the Achievement/Trophy “Full Arsenal” for finding all nine weapons in the Dead Space Remake.

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The best part about acquiring all nine weapons is that you can get them all by Chapter 6. That means that you can have every weapon in the game before the game really starts to get juicy and into the climax of the storyline. While you may not use each of the nine weapons equally, having them in your back pocket is good just in case you want to upgrade and use them. The more options to have, the better off you are. It doesn’t hurt to have extra firepower in your collection.