Dead Space Remake: All nine weapon locations

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4. Pulse Rifle (Chapter 2)

Once you have acquired the Kinesis Module, your new objective will be to “Retrieve the Captain’s RIG.” You are going to have to put your newly found Kinesis Module to the test by moving a few obstacles that are in your way. When the path is cleared, make your way up the ramp to the upstairs through the Medical Tram Station doors. As soon as you make your way through the doors, you will see a dying security officer on the floor covered in blood. As soon as she finishes with her dialogue and dies, she will drop the Pulse Rifle.

5. Ripper (Chapter 3)

The fifth weapon you will come across in the story will be in Chapter 3 and that would be the Ripper. The bes time to start looking for the Ripper is when the objective is to “Refuel the Engines (South). Head through the Preparation Room doors and make your way into the Machine Shop from there. Make your way down the stairs and the Ripper will be on the ground at the bottom of the stairs.

6. Flamethrower (Chapter 3)

The Flamethrower can also be found in Chapter 3 when you are tasked with the objective to “Manually Ignite the Engines.” You will see a door that says, “To Engine Room.” Head through those doors and make your way through the disgusting, infected hallway. However, after only taking a few steps through the “To Engine Room” doors, there will be a body stuck inside the infected wall. The Flamethrower is stuck to the man’s body on the wall.