Fire Emblem: Engage – How to Unlock the Silver Card

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Fire Emblem: Engage has been starting to grow on me. While I still think it’s a pretty big step back from the past several installments there’s still a lot to enjoy. In fact, unlike with Midnight Suns, which I loved, I actually DO recommend getting the season pass. Not only do you get a new stage right out the gate, and two unlockable Emblems bracelets (DLC Emblems are in bracelets and not rings) but you also get some items that make the game a bit more manageable.

Having the Emblems of Tiki and the trio of instructors from Three Houses is already a game-breakingly powerful thing for those just looking to enjoy the story like me. Tiki increased XP gain and the instructors increase stat boosts when you level. But there are plenty of items you get right out of the gate. Though one of the listed items is missing, the Silver Card. So where is it and WHAT is it?

Let me answer them out of order. The Silver Card is a great item that once found goes into the key items area of your inventory. Once you have it, speak to any of the merchants in your floating fancy Somniel and they’ll recognize it and give you a 20% discount. That makes it much easier to make sure you got enough weapons and healing agents for those on your top-12 list.

But where is it? That’s the tricky bit.

When you unlock Tiki, which you should right out the gate because she’s amazing and when engaged she’ll turn whichever person you give their ring to into a DRAGON, you’ll have to battle her first. I, personally, gave her to Framme so I could have a healer dragon. And yes, the coloring does change based on who you gave it to.

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Do this while you have Marth with you and you’ll even get a cute scene of Marth and Tiki reuniting that I loved.

Fire Emblem Silver Card Mar-Mar
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But as you battle her, you’ll notice outside the castle you battle her in that there’s a little late to the top left, nowhere you can really get to, that has a little bit of sparkle to it. That’s where you want to go. See that little sparkly bit? Right there.

Fire Emblem Silver Card Location
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So how do you get to it? There are two ways. The super long way is to have a fast character like a wolf rider or a flier go to the bottom right of the map and then make the long way around the entire building basically taking them out of the battle while they go and retrieve the pass from the water’s edge.

But here’s how to do it if you don’t want to send one of your soldiers home on sick leave.

Make sure you have someone that can use staves in your party and give them the Rewarp wand. Then, simply, shortly after entering the facility go here and do this.

Now, you can go ahead and just ignore the fact that I accidentally gave Céline a Rewarp with only one use which forced her to take the long way back around. But if you plan accordingly you can get there in no time.

“But Eric,” you chime out, “I already got Tiki and I forgot to get the pass, what do I do now? Also, you’re very handsome!” Well, first off, thank you but I’m married. But secondly, if you beat this stage you can still get it but you have to patiently wait for a skirmish battle to appear there. Simply redoing the battle won’t make the card appear. It HAS to be a skirmish if you’ve already unlocked Tiki.

Now that you’ve got it, return to Somniel and enjoy your easier relationship with those damn war profiteers that set up shop in your home.