Forspoken: Barely There and Remembrance trophy guide

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Forspoken launched earlier this week as a console exclusive on PS5. Our review chalked it up as a genuine story of humanity. There are 54 trophies in the game, and some can be a little tricky. Here, we take you through how to get both the Barely There and Remembrance trophies.

For Barely There,  you are required to hide from an enemy for 10 seconds. In order to do this, you’ll need the Suppression spell from Olas’ lightning magic. It’s marked as a “?”

On her menu and is earned from one of the fount blessings.  You can highlight the spell from the magic menu and go right to it. Once you get it, find a small group of enemies. Even one will do. Make sure you attack and get down to the last enemy. Simply trigger Suppression to make yourself go invisible. You can move, but attacking will erase your visibility. Now, just wait 10 seconds as the enemy walks away and the trophy will pop.

The Remembrance trophy is an end-game trophy earned in chapter 13. Find Joe from the archives.  She will be outside on the steps and trigger the Lost Lullabies detour side quest. At any point, after you complete the quest,  you have to go to the top of Cepal where everyone is praying. You need to pick all 4 people listed and pray to them. Once you pray to the last one, the trophy will pop.

There are no difficulty-related trophies in Forspoken and only two gold trophies. Most are easily attainable, but to start them requires a bit of a sneaky maneuver. Even the parkour ones can be a bit hard and require a bit of timing, but nothing too crazy. What are your thoughts on Forspoken so far? Let us know in the comments below.