Forspoken: How to earn the Abominizer trophy

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Forspoken has 54 trophies to earn, and some can be more time consuming then difficult. One of these trophies, Abominizer, is exactly that. Here, we take you through how to earn the coveted gold trophy on your way to platinum.

In order to get the Abominizer Trophy, you’ll need to take down 4 giant field bosses called abominations. They are scattered all over the map and require a lot of patience and magic. Each one is tied to one of the four magic types in the game, so you’ll need to hit them with the opposite type in order to maximize damage.

You are better off doing this in the end game after you’ve beaten the story. This would be in chapter 13 Exploring Athia, and you will have all the types of magic in the game; earth, fire, water and lightning. Another reason you are better off waiting is the lightning boss dragon Apsavaris requires you beat the game as an ability earned by doing so is needed. This way you can get all four done in one go.

Gigas the fire boss is best taken out by water. Apsaravis needs earth. Amphicynodon the water boss is quickly spelled by fire, and Deinosuchus the earth monster can be taken out by any of the magic types.

The video playlist below shows you exactly how to find each one as well as the easiest way to take them down. Not only does Apsavaris require an end-game ability, but the journey to him is MUCH harder than the fight himself as you’re forced through a giant section of the break requiring you to use the portal ability to navigate.  Just go slow and you’ll be fine.

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Let us know below how many you have taken down and what you think of Forspoken so far.