Forspoken guide: How to Precision Counter

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Forspoken launched today on PS5 to a grand total of 54 trophies. Scattered across the land of Athia are tons of things to do in one of the biggest gaming maps of all time. Combat varies immensely depending on your enemies, and partying requires a great deal of timing. Here, we’ll take you through how to both counter and precision counter to pick up the Tit for Tat Trophy.

Countering is basic. First, make sure you have the auto-evade accessibility setting off as you won’t be able to block. Now, allow yourself to get hit and Cuff will block to absorb the damage. Once this is done, you’ll see a VERY brief notification to press triangle on PS5 and Y on Xbox controller for PC. Doing so will have Cuff blast out an attack to counter and knock your enemies back.

Precision counters are much harder. While regular counters happen after you are hit, Frey will need to be exact on this one. Hence the name, Precision counter. You’ll need to hit the button at the exact moment you are hit in order to pull this off. Now, while the video below sees me around a horde of enemies, I recommend being near a solo one to practice.  The best way is to use a similar break infested human or a deer for their kicks. They are easy to time and get their windups down so you can be more precise.

Once you get two of these in the game, you’ll unlock the Tit for Tat Trophy. You can do this right at the beginning of the game, and it doesn’t require any special abilities or spells.

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Forspoken is out now on PS5 and PC. Be sure to read our review as well, as we called it a genuine story of humanity. Let us know what you think below.