TMNT, Power Rangers and 6 other franchises that need a LEGO game

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The X-Men are going to debut in the MCU franchise sooner rather than later, and it’s a perfect time for them to get the LEGO treatment. They already have the absolute best cartoon intro of all time and I’m not going to even argue this point.

We already know the character count is massive and there are no shortages of storylines for the game with all of the movies. The Marvel franchise has already seen its complete game with Marvel’s Avengers and its DLC, so X-Men would be an easy addition.

Plus, can you see something like mini-fig Wolverine trying to retract his claws, but they get stuck and he has to push them back in but pokes himself by accident? I mean, right? I can think of these things and there are people much smarter than I am making these games, so, what’s the hold-up? Let’s go Disney, make it happen.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This is my coup de grace. I have been asking for a game from TMNT since literally the very first LEGO game, and we need the original Chuck Lorre theme. This is not up for debate.  The fact that it is 2023 and we DON’T have one yet to me is an absolute travesty.

Outside of the four turtles (Leo is the best one btw), can we talk about LEGO Beebop and Rocksteady, please? What about LEGO Baxter Stockman in both his human and fly form? This should be the number one priority for a LEGO game.

I remember going to NYCC back in 2015 and meeting then-Creative Director Arthur Parsons with my son who was 6 at the time. He asked “Can you make a LEGO Ninja Turtles game?” and Mr. Parsons couldn’t have been more excited.

Unfortunately, nothing has come to fruition on that front, but there is so much possibility in combat, story, character count, locations and humor that I honestly have no clue why this game hasn’t been made yet. It’s my number one request and so I saved the best for last. Hopefully, Nickelodeon can get on this and we can get a LEGO Mikey eating a mini brick pizza so all will be right with the world.

What franchises do you most want to see made in LEGO? Let us know below.