Hogwarts Legacy: Sorting Hat will feature a little twist

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If you have ever watched any movies in the Harry Potter franchise, then you already know what exactly the Sorting Hat is and why it is so iconic. If you have never seen a Harry Potter movie before, the Sorting Hat sorts students into four houses based on the traits each student possesses. The four house options are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Whatever the Sorting Hat senses when it sits atop your head, it will decide on what house you will be put into. No ifs, ands or buts. However, it appears that Hogwarts Legacy will not be so strict when it comes to the Sorting Hat.

The official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter page released a post that featured the Sorting Hat from Hogwarts Legacy in a short, 8-second clip. Nothing out of the ordinary from the clip, but how the post was captioned really caught our attention. The post states that “the witch or wizard always has the final say as to which House they belong to.”

We already know that Hogwarts Legacy will have a lot of customization options when it comes to creating your student. You can decide on being a witch or if you rather be a wizard. Once you have created your student, it will be off to Hogwarts and the first thing that happens to a new student arriving at Hogwarts is deciding which House to be put into by the Sorting Hat. This will be featured in Hogwarts Legacy, but given the statement from Hogwarts Legacy themselves, it appears that the gamer will have the final say as to which House that they end up in.

Is this a good thing? It can be. Giving gamers more choices is going to make the overall community a lot happier. However, it would have been cool if each playthrough put you in a random House, giving the Sorting Hat the same immense power that we saw throughout the Harry Potter franchise.

Now if you like the House that the Sorting Hat puts you in, you don’t have to change if you don’t desire. On the flip side, if you have always dreamed of being put into the House Slytherin, you will also have the opportunity to make that dream a reality.

The biggest thing that Hogwarts Legacy is trying to accomplish with this game is the ability to explore everything while also have a lot of flexibility and it appears that they are already accomplishing some of those things as to what we have heard so far.

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Hogwarts Legacy is going to be one of the most played games and most anticipated games of 2023. In fact, Hogwarts Legacy is already Steam’s top-selling premium game and there is still over a month before the game is released. If this doesn’t spell “big launch” for next month, then I have no idea what does. Once this game comes out on February 10 on Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X and the PS4 and Xbox One in April, there is going to be lots of social media talks conversations as to which House they are a part of. The debate as to which is the superior Hogwarts House will officially be on! So, which Hogwarts House is the most superior and which one do you plan on being a part of?