Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn release date: All we know so far

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Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn is developer A44’s newest action RPG set to release this year. Originally planned for a 2022 release, the title saw a minor delay and currently has no exact release date. What we know so far looks incredibly promising and features a new story with a host of exciting gameplay mechanics. Let’s take a look into what we know so far.

We will play as coalition army member Nor Vanek. Accompanied by her mystical fox like companion, it is up to her to defeat the god’s army of the undead as the door to the afterlife has been opened. Combat will feature a variety of mechanics utilizing axe, guns and magic. Combinations using all three attack types leaves us with a huge array of possibilities. As you can see in the gameplay trailer below, no skeleton knight of the undead seems to be a match for Nor Vanek.

As you can tell from the video, our companion Enki seems to play an integral role in combat. Being able to teleport attack as well as freeze enemies in time gives us even more possibilities in combat. Dodging also is evidently going to play a large part. We won’t be able to simply hack and slash our way to victory, as Nor Vanek must patiently await her opportunities to land the big combos. As shown, the red area indicators on enemies portray an incoming attack. Dodging at the right time as well as blocking opens up a larger window of time to attack as well.

The world is an open setup and has a beautiful landscape of deserts, cavernous ruins and environmental attack possibilities. Using Enki, Nor Vanek can ping between points of interest and shortcut areas, as shown by the purple markers in the trailer. Using them also allows opportunity to surprise enemies and attack from above opposed to a full frontal attack and putting yourself in more danger.

The skill and upgrade system along with explorable town areas and NPC’s round out what is promising to be one of the best RPG’s of the year along with one of the most anticipated. Hopefully we will know more soon about the release date for Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, but for now it is scheduled to release in 2023 on PS5, PC Steam and Series S/X with a day one Game Pass release.  You can also check out a behind the scenes video above.