Chained Echoes guide: 6 tips you must know before playing

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Tip #5: Buy the Deals

Not only will these deals get you the achievement if you buy them all, but they give you access to the strongest items in the game. The vendor near the beginning of the game has deal board that comes up as part of the story very early on. He tells you that by bringing him certain items, you can unlock various weapons and gear. He also can refine the crystals you find so you can attach them to this gear and make them even stronger. Each item opens up to tell you not only what you need, but EXACTLY where you need to go to find them and from what enemies. These provide a very large boost and you should definitely pick up as many of them as quickly as you can. It’s easy to forget about this while progressing through the story, so be sure to keep checking back as you progress.

Tip #6 : Sky Armor

The sky armor is key. Once you get access to it as part of the story, you can move around MUCH more quicker. Not only does it let you get everywhere faster, but it’s also a super-fast way to take out enemies. You have about ten times the attack, defense and health points while in your armor, and each enemy has it equipped at the same time. Doing so basically lets you one-shot smaller enemies and allows you to level up by earning those skill points and reward board objectives much faster. Often times you’ll find yourself wandering around on foot as it’s easy to forget about the armor until you need it to fly. Traveling around with it on helps mitigate some of the longer things you’ll need to do.

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Much of the rest of the game is up to your own, individual play style. You’ll be able to navigate most of it by simple trial and error, but these tips are a great way to start you off on the ground running. Chained Echoes is available now on PC and Xbox Game Pass. Let us know what you think of it below.