Chained Echoes guide: 6 tips you must know before playing

Matthias Linda
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Tip #3: Reward Board

The reward board is a key part to leveling up. Most RPGs of the same type will see you running around and fighting enemy after enemy to level up – not Chained Echoes. While this may help, it takes so much longer than simply using the reward board. Each tile will consist of killing x type of certain enemy, finding x amount of a collectible, etc. You’ll earn the listed reward each time you complete a tile. Many of them also grant shards in order to level up skills, resulting in a two-birds-one-stone situation where you get the skills from the kill as well as the reward. An in-game notification will pop up whenever you complete one in the top right of the screen. In order to get the reward, you’ll need to go into the board and manually claim them as they don’t automatically unlock.

Tip #4: Formation setup

Many RPGs allow you to switch out the order in which your party walks and fights in the game. While many don’t offer any benefit to this, Chained Echoes provides a big boost to those who manage their formations. A formation consists of four characters, and we can boost that to eight by utilizing the link feature. Many characters benefit from each other, such as Rob with either Glenn or Sienna. Rob is a ranged character that can poison and paralyze enemies among others. Glenn or Sienna each have attacks that are augmented against enemies with these status ailments. As a result, they should be in the same formation and not linked. You’ll want to link characters that have the same statistics. The reason is that you can freely switch characters in and out without taking a turn. So, if Rob poisons an enemy but say Glenn is too low on health, you can swap him out with his linked character with similar attacks and carry on. There is a little variety in how you can do this, so various playstyles don’t really impact it too much and allow you to experiment with your favorite combinations.