Chained Echoes guide: 6 tips you must know before playing

Matthias Linda
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Chained Echoes presents a great throwback to classic RPGs in the 16-bit SNES style. There are dozens of hours of gameplay along with a rich story and deep equipment system. There are, however, a number of differences that you may not be used to in similar games of the genre. Although the game does present a very minor tutorial, many of these differences are not noticeable right off the bat. You’ll need to alter the manner in which you are used to playing because of some of them, and they are listed below. Check out some of the top things you should know before diving into Chained Echoes.

Tip #1: Skills are most important

Most RPGs focus on building up your characters’ overall HP and MP numbers in order to survive. This is the opposite in Chained Echoes. Each character has action skills, passive skills and stat boosters. You’ll want to focus on the action skills first and foremost. The main reason for this is that your HP and MP (TP in this game) fully regenerate after every battle without using any potions/elixirs. In other words, there is no reason to worry or conserve TP because it will max out as long as you survive the battle. Try to max out all the action skills first then head for the passive ones. Stat boosters are minor and should be saved for last in order to get the achievement for maxing all out. Focusing on action skills also allows for a more variety of skills to help with the next tip – Overdrive gauge.

Tip #2: Overdrive gauge is key

The overdrive gauge may feel like a throw-in, but it is deeply important. Each battle shows a gauge in the top left and the middle of this gauge is the overdrive section. Every attack either raises or lowers the gauge, and you’ll want to spend most (if not all) of it in overdrive. Being in overdrive grants you increased attack and defense, so it’s key. If you get too high, you’ll be in the red and have decreased attack and defense. There will also be certain types of attacks that lower the gauge, while the rest will raise it. Defending always lowers the gauge. You’ll need to strategically plan your attacks and sometimes use a skill you won’t want/need to use in that spot in order to keep your stats up and not take too much damage