Everything you can expect from the Dead Space Remake in 2023

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New features you can expect

Even though this is a Remake, the Dead Space Remake will feature a handful of new features. There are now new Side Quests, locked doors/areas, and item containers, encouraging player exploration. The best part about exploration is that you won’t be hindered by pesky loading times either. The original Dead Space saw a lot of loading screens every time you walked into a new area. Despite how well the first game was designed, the loading screens were annoying. Luckily, since the technology and powerfulness of gaming consoles have improved drastically since 2008, this won’t be an issue in 2023 and you will be able to explore at your own free will with no interruptions.

There will also be something called an AI Director that will be part of the Dead Space Remake. This feature is interesting because depending on the situation you are in, the AI can automatically determine how to make things harder for you. This can be as simple as making loud noises to try and throw you off of your game or spawn enemies to attack you in some areas that you have already visited. You might have thought that an area you already cleared out is safe to return to and explore, but if the AI Director wants to spawn enemies in those areas as you explore them, they can do just that.

As you can tell, there is a lot to be excited about for the Dead Space Remake. While the game is still going to center around all of the favorite aspects that you grew to love, there are plenty of new upgrades about the game to get excited about. A lot has happened since 2008 and the Dead Space franchise has grown into more of a universe. The lore surrounding Dead Space will be expanded in the Dead Space Remake and that is great to hear. Anytime we can get additional info about a universe that is loved is always a plus.

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With the Dead Space Remake a little less than a month away, fans of the franchise do not have to wait much longer to continue their adventure will Isaac Clarke. It is unclear if there will ever be a brand-new installment in the Dead Space franchise, but a positive spark from the Dead Space Remake may just be enough to get inside the ears of EA Motive and make it happen.