5 Things we wish Marvel Snap would add in 2023

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2) Add more comic book-style art as variants

I’m not going to lie, I like the Pixel-style cards. I know I’m in the minority, but I do. But at the same time, there are so many moments where I unlock a variant card and it’s some sort of weird art style that just doesn’t fit the character. I unlocked a Doctor Strange variant the other day that made him look like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes fame and my first thought was “I wish this came has a trash folder”. It’s not that it’s necessarily bad, it’s just something that doesn’t fit the character.

I get that sometimes they think that if they throw in some variants of lesser-used cards it might encourage people to use them more, which is the only reason I can think of that out of the five cards they picked for their winter-themed variants one of them was Rock Slide. But I’m not going to suddenly want to add Korg to my deck just because I got a version where he looks like some jacked-up corncob boy.

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3) Let me delete read messages from my inbox

This one is simple and self-explanatory but oh my god let me delete read messages from my inbox. Sure, it’s nice getting random free stuff sometimes but Snap’s inbox is an absolute nightmare. And to top it off new messages are thrown in at random locations. So if you get a notification that you have something new you’re going to hop into an inbox and try and find it in a sea of similar-looking messages.

Here’s the best example. They’ve given out a gift almost every day this month. They’re numbered. Because of that, you can fully see the chaos that is the Inbox by looking at the order they appeared here.

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My idea isn’t revolutionary. It’s a common feature that makes it all the more baffling that it doesn’t exist inside Marvel Snap. Just let me clear out the read messages, gang. I’m begging you. This mess sets me off like a Roman Candle.