What could Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC focus on?

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04) The strange glistening mountain peaks

I’m not talking about the icy area. This is another one you can see a lot of in the North Eastern.

Heading that way leads to a slew of mountains that suddenly come to weird abrupt changes from standard grey stone to weird shiny black material. It’s never explained in the game.

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You can tell it’s intentionally like this and not a glitch to because there’s several of the rocks jutting out on the ground in the area to like up against the base of the mountain. It seems intentional but it’s never really explained.

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Though, this could also tie into whatever they plan on doing with the unexplorable area of the map I mentioned previously. This would mean that whatever the DLC was about might have a focus on the strange obsidian metal.

03)  The Disk Pokemon

Or the █ isk P █ é █ n for people who’ve read the Scarlet or Violet Book.

This is a weird entry in the book in which it shows the picture of a bizarre being. The entry with it in the book, if you figure out the missing letters, states:

"While seperated from the research team in the crater’s depths, I found a strange…entity. Whether it was a Pokemon, or even alive at all, I know not. It bore a shell with layers of overlapping hexigons, and gleamed brighter still than gemstone. Viewed as a whole, it resembled a mysterious, briliiant disk."

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Also occasionally referred to as the “Disputed Pokemon” this seems to make the reference to a legendary that’s yet to be released.

Personally, I think it’s a new type of Ultra Beast. One, because “Disputed Pokemon” seems to also fit what an Ultra Beast is. Two, because they love being weird shapes. And the big one, three, because when you complete the Pokedex you’re given a Beast Ball which is odd because, as of yet, there are no Ultra Beasts anywhere within the game.