10 Indie Games coming in 2023 that you need to know about

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A Frog’s Tale

Shout out to my friend Chris for bringing A Frog’s Tale to my attention as it looks absolutely wonderful. A cute top-down RPG about a frog named Norman with a musical twist. Being funded through Kickstarter, A Frog’s Tale is a rhythm RPG. That means the turn-based based combat will be based on you inputting commands to the beat of the soundtrack. In addition to the combat puzzles and platforming sections will also utilize proper rhythm timing. The musical elements will be sure to make A Frog’s Tale stand out from the pack of retro-inspired RPGs and will also ensure it remains positively delightful.

A Frog’s Tale will release sometime in 2023 for PC and Switch (dependent on the publishing partner).

Mina the Hollower

From Yacht Club the makers of Shovel Knight is really all you need to know to be excited for Mina the Hollower. If you do in fact need to know a little bit more I’ll tell you. It’s a retro-inspired top-down action game. Reminiscent of the original top-down Zelda games, you play as a burrowing mouse named Mina. Equipped with a whip and various side arms to take out enemies, the game will see you burrowing around levels to gain the upper hand and progress through areas. Yacht Club proved with Shovel Knight that they understand retro games on a fundamental level and how to make them with modern design and sensibilities. Mina the Hollower should be no different.

Mina the Hollower will release in December 2023 for PC.