10 Indie Games coming in 2023 that you need to know about

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I love big-budget AAA blockbusters as much as the next gamer but indie games are the heart and soul of the gaming industry. Indie games are where you’ll find some of the most creative and passionate ideas being produced. They provide a nice change of pace from the huge titles we all play and oftentimes are the games that give us the most memorable experiences. 2023 is shaping up to be an incredible year for indie games and these are the 10 indie games that you need to have on your radar.

Sea of Stars

In 2018 Sabotage Studio burst onto the scene with their game The Messenger. That game was a side-scrolling action game in the vein of the original Ninja Gaiden. Their upcoming game Sea of Stars is a prequel to The Messenger but this time, Sabotage Studio has taken inspiration from classic 16-bit JRPGs. With a beautiful pixel art style that looks like someone ran a SNES game through a nostalgia lens, and a deep turn-based combat system, Sea of Stars is coming to fill the Chrono Trigger-sized hole you may have in your heart. Also no random battles, yay!

Sea of Stars will release sometime in 2023 for PS4, PS5, Switch & PC.

The Plucky Squire

There are two things that instantly make me interested in a video game. If it looks like a storybook & if you play as a tiny person in a big environment. The Plucky Squire checks both boxes. An action-adventure game that has you playing as a storybook character who discovers he can jump into the real world, The Plucky Squire looks like a charming delight. With gameplay sections switching between 2D in the storybook and 3D in the real world this one looks like a game that will make us all feel like kids again.

The Plucky Squire will release sometime in 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch & PC