Top RPGs coming to consoles in 2023: Starfield, Diablo IV and more

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Bethesda’s first original IP in 25 years in Starfield is most likely going to be the biggest game of the year in 2023. It has been hotly anticipated ever since the announcement, and even more so after its delay from November 11 of this year. The “Skyrim in space” game is set in the 24th century and will see us create our own character, space ship and evolve what will most likely be an incredibly vast set of skills given the premise of the game. There is going to be no shortage of things to and places to go in Starfield after humanity has abandoned Earth for Mars, and we’ll find out why this has happened as part of the storyline.

The new dynamic system Bethesda has put in place will allow for dynamic settlements to pop up, companions to carry our gear, negotiate for us with other NPC’s and explore over 1,000 planets with nearly 300,000 lines of dialogue just to say the least. All signs are pointing to Starfield living up to the hype when it launches in 2023 exclusively on Series S/X


Outer Worlds developer Obsidian announced its new first-person RPG two and a half years ago in July 2020. We haven’t heard much about it since. It is set in the same world as Pillars of Eternity, taking place in the northern lands of Eora. It is said to be fully open-world as well as a prequel to Pillars of Eternity. The game’s trailer showing the banner of the Oathbinder seems to also back this claim up.

Obisidian has been on a roll lately after Grounded and Pentiment, and Avowed will also be a day one Game Pass Series S/X exclusive when it lands in 2023.