Top RPGs coming to consoles in 2023: Starfield, Diablo IV and more

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Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The follow-up to Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom is a game that has been hotly anticipated for a long time. BotW set a landmark precedent for the series with the inclusion of cooking, weather-based outfits and a vast open world never before seen in the franchise. The “tears” are clearly something we need to locate within the game as evidenced by the logo and appear to be tied into the Guardians from the first game. How this will be done is intriguing, especially considering how Ganon clearly “perished” at the end of BotW.

We’ll need to wait until May 12, 2023, to see though when Tears of the Kingdom launches on Nintendo Switch.

Lies of P

This is not your typical Pinocchio adventure, no siree. Utilizing a Souls-like formula, Round8 Studios puts us in the shoes of the boy himself. Set in a crazy, weird post-apocalyptic world, our decisions as Pinocchio using the game’s “lie system” will directly impact our gameplay during our quest to see if he can become human. A dark, industrial world similar to Spiders’ Steelrising, Lies of P sets a new stage with a unique setting to an already well-known story.

The graphical backdrops in the trailers are a sight to behold and leave fans of the genre wanting more. Gameplay-wise, we see the boy himself with a set of abilities that, safe to say, Mr. Walt Disney never imagined would see the light of day from the “happiest place on Earth”.

We’ll need to wait a little bit longer, as Lies of P has a 2023 release date window and will release on PS5, PC and Series S/X with a day one Game Pass release.

Lords of the Fallen

In a situation we don’t often see, this Lords of the Fallen is actually a sequel to the game with the same name from 2014. It’s not a reboot as is often the case. The sequel was originally announced a year later after the first game’s release, but a bunch of developer/publisher issues with new studios coming and going have seen its delay. It’s been 1,000 years since the first game, and much like the Zelda franchise, it is our job to once again slay the demonic god that has returned.

The Game Awards 2022 showed a decent amount of gameplay, but there is still no release date other than 2023. Needless to say, there is a huge jump in advancement between the two games, and it should be a worthwhile investment when the game lands on PS5, PC and Series S/X.