Phasmophobia: The great, the good and the bad with the Tempest Update

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Well, another year has almost gone. With that, there have been a lot of changes to the pioneer of the ghost investigation genre Phasmophobia. The Tempest update brought a lot of changes, some good, some great, and some really bad. Let’s drop in an explore what is new with the latest update.

Let’s start with the great, the new graphical updates.  The changes these brought to the gameplay are mind-blowing. The new anti-aliasing features let you really get some good edges and make the hunt that much more immersive. The lighting lets you see much more easily on all the maps (yes, that means farmhouses, thank you Lord). This makes navigation a lot easier because you can see a lot better through the map, especially during the new sunrise time.

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The new Obake ability, where it transforms into a different ghost at a 6.66% chance, and the Goryo now has to stick to its weakness staying in its room much more and not having a far wandering distance.

They finally rebuffed Revenant. It moves fast to start then slows down, then fast again if it sees you or your buddy. This brings some much-needed intensity back to the hunts, which have gotten pretty stale as most ghosts aren’t really even a threat.

The improved weather effects are also an amazing touch, specifically rain. This is the one that will lead us to our final topic, but the new investigation and perfect investigation bonuses. No more jumping in doing challenges and immediately getting all the rewards worth more than if you figured the ghost out. Now you are bound by getting the ghost right, which is a double-edged sword since you have to invest more time per hunt; but, you do get more rewards at the end as it gives a percentage increase.

Now for the bad stuff. Custom difficulty rewards were cut to 60% (from 80%). This is a devastating blow for people doing the apocalypse challenge or just trying to push their skills to the limit. Sanity pills dropping on the floor trolling others is a pretty bad time as well, or maybe this only affected me with my troll friends.

There are tons more I can’t include in this article. I just hit what I viewed as the highlights, but you can find the full update notes here. Hopefully, this helps you really get out there and identify some ghosts and maybe, just maybe, use some of it to troll your friends, while you hunt them down for your trophy and name badge!