Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0: Ultimate guide for battle royale beginners

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Warzone 2.0, a free-to-play battle royal video game that features a massive map and a
variety of game mechanics, is a sequel to Call of Duty: Warzone. As a battle royale, the objective of Warzone 2 matches seems to be simple; hop in, loot up, eliminate as many enemies as possible and emerge as the only Victor. But the formula is not that simple. Warzone 2 is a 150-player battle royal with more than 40 guns and added accessories, saving oneself from in-game mechanisms like bombs and toxic gas rounds.

But, no need to worry about it, here is a comprehensive guide for beginners with tips and

Warzone 2.0: Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions


As the game has a huge map, it requires good planning and communication in order to
dominate and arise as a victor. As there are numerous guns and attachments, players will
need to carefully select each weapon which will have plenty of attachments available to it.
In Warzone 2.0, the attachments are not unlocked in an easy manner as they do in other
CoD multiplayer games.

Players are advised to choose the correct loadout, best controller, and graphics settings that fits for small and mid-ranges. Even though the snipers are good, the buildings, trees, and obstacles make it hard to properly utilize them. As the match proceeds the snipers become less important as the blue circle of gas contracts, leaving very less space to use a sniper. Therefore, small and mid-range rifles will be too crucial here.

Diving in and looting

By the way, players don’t have high-profile guns from the start. In the beginning, they are equipped with just a pistol. Hence, looting becomes our top priority. But where to dive in?

In the early stages, players are advised to dive into less dense areas, avoiding other players.
But diving into less dense areas adds a limitation of fewer looted objects. Therefore, players
comfortable gathering items at their own pace can proceed with this method and approach
the remote areas. Even remote areas offer some buildings with plenty of loot and are the
simplest and the safest way to survive.

However, in certain circumstances, one fights Gunless. In such situations, either run and
hide or head toward the enemy with the pistol.

But players who are fine with clashing with enemies right from the beginning can choose to
dive into dense areas. Even dense areas provide plenty of space of hiding our presence. The first concern for players should be to find a decent weapon to fill their inventory. Along with the killings, players will need to keep on hunting for the best weapons and objects, and weapons like SMG can be very handy in the initial run.

Some of the lootable items are located in places that make more sense. For instance, if
searching for money, look into the locker or cash register. If you’re looking for heals, check the medicine box. Another way to gather loot is by eliminating others.


Players are equipped with small backpacks when entering the game. And players are given time to
look for medium-size or large-size backpacks. The larger the backpack, the larger the capability to hold items. Larger backpacks come with the ability to equip a third weapon. Players
finding larger backpacks always have an edge over the others.


Other than a backpack, there are numerous mechanisms that a player can encounter (i.e., Contracts). The Contract is totally optional mechanism but participating in it can be useful.
When one is engaged in a Contract and the task is done, players are rewarded with a
handsome price of cash.

There are various types of contracts players can sign.

With a Bounty Contract, players are rewarded for eliminating the players marked with
the bounty on their heads.

The second contract is the Most Wanted Contract. In this one, you are marked as the most
wanted and players chase you. You just have to survive the given time limit.

The third one is the Safe Cracker Contract. In this players has to blow up given locations with
C4 detonators. This contract is rewarded as loot and cash too.

The last contract is Intel Contract. In this players are asked to find confidential information
from hard drives or laptops and upload it to certain locations of uplink area servers.

Buy Stations

Completion of the contract awards cash that can be used in buy stations to purchase certain
items.  All the gear and weapons will have different prices, based on what are players buying.

Mostly the starting price is 5,000, ranging to more than a million. Players can even buy a
complete loadout as well.

But one should not rely on buy stations. Eliminating players and looting their inventory is the best way to get weapons as far now.

Tips for survival

Remember, the most important rule of Warzone is survival. Sometimes, it’s best to just hide and not engage in combat or try to complete a Contract.

Try to land a little away from the trajectory of the plane and dense cities. Start scavenging for guns, ammo, and other viable pieces of equipment. First prioritize finding an assault rifle, mid-range gun, and armor plates. Once equipped with a Gun, your chances of survival increase drastically. Following the basic plan suggested is the key to starting to work.

Warzone 2.0 is a part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, but doesn’t require purchase. It is
available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.