Fortnite: Winterfest 2022 rewards you with 14 presents

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It is that time of the year when all the various video games decide to have their annual Winter/Holiday events. Rocket League will be kicking off their Winter Event, Frost Fest, on December 14, and Fortnite has already begun theirs.

Fortnite’s Winter/Holiday Event, Winterfest 2022, has just started on December 13 and will last until January 3. As part of Winterfest 2022, there are going to be tons of new Winter items and rewards that can be acquired throughout the course of the whole event.

How to claim your 14 presents from the Cozy Lodge

For starters, each player will have 14 presents waiting for them to unwrap at the Cozy Lodge. You can access the Cozy Lodge by clicking the Snowflake Tab at the top of the Fortnite lobby screen. This is where you will be able to visit the Cozy Lodge and access your presents from Fortnite. You will only be given one present a day for 14 days so don’t expect all 14 presents to be waiting for you when you log-in. Visit the Cozy Lodge every day for 14 days to claim your rewards. There are also going to be a few presents that have more than one item in them because Fortnite claimed that there will be 17 total items in these 14 presents. Inside these presents will be Outfits, Gliders, Wraps, Sprays, Emotes, Pickaxes, and much more.

Presents aren’t the only new things that will be coming into Fortnite as part of Winterfest 2022. Just by logging into Fortnite using the Epic Games launcher on PC during the Winterfest 2022 event, players will be rewarded with a Guff Gringle Outfit for free. Head over to the Item Shop and select Special Offers and Bundles and you can purchase the Outfit for free.

Snowball Launcher and Holiday Presents Returning

There will also be some returning Items making their way back into the game. The Snowball Launcher will be replacing the Rocket Launcher during Winterfest 2022. You will once again be able to launch exploding snowballs at the enemy and open up presents during the game to claim their loot.

The Snowball Launcher can be found just like any other weapons and the Holiday Presents can be found thanks to SGT. Winter throwing him down around the map from his big rig for players to pick up and claim the Items from each present.

What else you should expect from Winterfest 2022

Just by taking part in Winterfest 2022, you will be rewarded with a free Holiday Outfit. However, there will be plenty of chances to receive some more of them if you would like. You are going to get a few extra Holiday Outfits for free as part of your 14 presents, but there will also be new and returning Outfits that make their way into the Item Shop exclusively for Winterfest 2022.

There is also a way to get a free Winterfest 2022 Cheer Emote fairly easily. All you are going to have to do is play with five friends from your friends list during Winterfest 2022 and you will be granted the Curling Iron Emote. This reward won’t be granted till at least January 6, so don’t expect to play with five friends and receive this reward right away.

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It is clear that Fortnite will be in the giving spirit throughout the entire duration of Winterfest 2022. There will be tons of presents to unwrap, tons of Outfits to collect, and many more Items to acquire throughout the entire duration of Winterfest 2022. Winterfest 2022 has already begun so you can login to Fortnite today to begin your Winterfest journey for the next few weeks.