Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to catch Chien-Pao the Ruinous Pokemon

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced four very interesting Legendary Pokemon with a really cool backstory that you can only fully experience if you take the history courses (which, come on, go do it they’re great) which tell about a king who was offered one of four items; a bowl, a set of wooden writing tablets, a set of beads, and a sword. The king, much like my children, insisted that he wanted all of them.

The items were cursed by the king’s greed and broke. Like most broken items in the Pokemon universe, they became Pokemon themselves and decided to just absolutely wreck the king’s kingdom until some nameless powerhouse managed to look up all four of the cursed items behind magical seals. I just realized while talking to my kids about this that this is why there are abandoned ruins and castle towers all over the damned place. Huh.

And, luckily for your young child protagonist, you can unseal these cursed items and get the Pokemon responsible for the death of an entire kingdom on YOUR team so you can use them to absolutely destroy the people in the school tournaments. The king’s loss is YOUR gain.

In this article, we’re going to go over how to find all eight yellow stakes that you need to remove to access the cursed sword Pokemon, Chien-Pao. This sabertooth tiger looking Pokemon loved jumping playfully in and out of snow, causing avalanches, and jumping playfully in and out of the snow as it buries towns. This is in its Pokedex entry. It playfully wipes out towns and this is why it’s my favorite of the four. He just wants to play.

Anywho, here are the eight stake locations.

Yellow Stake 1

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This part is on a little ledge overlooking the top of a waterfall on a small ledge. If you don’t see it go to the ledge and look down, you’re probably not on the right thing.

Yellow Stake 2

2022120313220800-1-A552196-CBAEC7-F073-BF13-D42-EA6-C787 /

This one’s a little tricky because if you just go to this particular spot on the map you’re going to be mad at me as you won’t find it there. You actually have to go underground. It’s in one of the many tunnels that interlace below this area. It’s in a long straight tunnel with a raised mid-surface. Almost looks like a weird Mario Kart track.

Yellow Stake 3

2022120313225300-1-A552196-CBAEC7-F073-BF13-D42-EA6-C787 /

This one is on a little ledge on the side of the mountain here. If you go to the top and jump off and glide you’ll be able to see it no problem as long as you’re on the correct side of the mountain.

Yellow Stake 4

2022120313203100-1-A552196-CBAEC7-F073-BF13-D42-EA6-C787 /

This one is on a weird little cliff on the side of a very tall cliff. To be honest, I found this one when I fell off the top of the highest cliff. If you’re a careful player and not capable of climbing, you may want to apply forethought, unlike me.

Yellow Stake 5

2022120313192600-1-A552196-CBAEC7-F073-BF13-D42-EA6-C787 /

This is another one I came across completely by accident. If you go up as high as you can here and look down you might see a deep pit with a tall narrow plateau in the middle. Just jump straight down on it and it’s smackdab in the middle. There’s also a Gimmeghoul standing on the edge there so you might want to snag him before he decides to jump.

Yellow Stake 6

2022120313173600-1-A552196-CBAEC7-F073-BF13-D42-EA6-C787 /

This one is as easy as it is to find as it is easy to miss. If you go to the Cascarrafa Gym and run behind it across the water you’ll see a large tree with a stake underneath it. Easy peasy.

Yellow Stake 7

2022120313154900-1-A552196-CBAEC7-F073-BF13-D42-EA6-C787 /

This one is on a little cliffside overlooking one of the watchtowers.

Yellow Stake 8

This was the first one I ever found out of all 32 stakes. It was tucked into a weird crevice.

Once you’ve gotten all eight, your character will hear a strange sound and turn in the exact direction of where Chien-Pao slumbers. Luckily, if you took your history classes like I TOLD YOU TO DO you’ll have the exact location of the shrine marked on your map. Head there, open the shrine, and you’ll have the chance to battle and capture Chien-Pao, the strangely powerful Dark/Ice type.

All the beasts of ruin also make excellent capture beasts because they all come with Ruination a move that always removes 50% of a Pokemon’s health. Meaning that no matter how overpowered you are, you can get them to almost the red in two hits which is good if you can’t find or don’t want False Swipe.