Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to capture Wo-Chien

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have given us a new set of legendaries — a quartet that is known as the Treasures of Ruin. If you have taken all your in-game classes, and I can’t stress enough how great some of the rewards are for doing so, you’ll have finished your history classes. These not only give you a deep dive into the in-game lore but also a fascinating history of the Treasures of Ruin. Four cursed items destroyed a kingdom thanks to the nonsense of a greedy king.

There’s a bowl, a set of beads, a sword, and the one we’re going to talk about today, a series of wooden writing tablets. Each of these items became some sort of embodiment of negativity and the wooden tablets became a massive Dark/Grass type snail with an absolute love of wiping out vegetation and causing famine as if it was auditioning for a Four Horseman gig.

To get Wo-Chien you’re going to need to remove the chains that cover the Grasswither Shrine. And to do that you’re going to need to find and remove eight magical stakes placed in the ground around that area of the map. For Wo-Chien, you’re going to be looking for the purple stakes that look like this:

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Let’s get into how to find them.

Purple Stake 1

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One of the easiest to find, this one is right on the edge of Artazon. Ironically, it also overlooks the windmill that the Grass-type Gym Leader likes to hang out on like a weirdo.

Purple Stake 2

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This one is on a cliff overlooking a small pond as well as the sea. Luckily, part of the reason the view from this one is so nice is that there are no rocks or trees hiding it. It’s just right out in the open making it easy to spot as long as you’re high enough.

Purple Stake 3

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This is another one you want to be up high for. It’s not in the canyon itself but on one of the grassy cliffs overlooking the canyon.

Purple Stake 4

This one is hanging out on a tall plateau. As long as you have the ability to climb it shouldn’t be hard to find as long as you go to this spot.

Purple Stake 5

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Unlike most stakes, this one is actually going to be pretty low. Almost at sea level. And while you’re there, if you turn to the nearby cliff face you should be able to spot a Roaming Form Gimmeghoul chilling there. Bonus!

Purple Stake 6

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In what’s the most telling of whose area this is, you’ll find a part of land that, from the map turned upside looks like a snail. We don’t talk about what it looks like right side up like in the picture though. You’re better than that. Don’t do it. Anyways, the stake is at the highest point of the spiral.

Purple Stake 7

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There’s a little Pokecenter here you can fast-travel to. Once there head to the cliff overlooking the city of Mesagoza. It’s sitting out there by itself but there are some nearby trees on lower levels that can make it hard to spot if you’re not already up high.

Purple Stake 8

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On the opposite side of Mesagoza there’s a tall hill with a lake at the top and a waterfall. Don’t worry about the fact that the lake would drain in minutes if that setup was real, just go with it. Up top, near the small lake, is the last purple stake.

Once you’ve snagged the eighth stake your character will hear a noise in the distance and turn in the direction of Grasswither Shrine. Once there the chains will be gone. Interacting with the door will cause the door to disappear allowing you to fight and capture the giant evil mulch pile that is Wo-Chien.

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Wo-Chien’s Dark/Grass combination is interesting and with heavy pros AND cons. Pros are that it’s not only completely immune to Psychic attacks, but it’s also resistant to Ground, Ghost, Water, Grass, Electric, and Dark. But, and this is a huge but (hehe), it is weak to Fighting, Flying, Poison, Fire, Ice, and Fairy. Oh, and if you encounter Bug type? Four times damage. Bug type are devastating to Wo-Chien.