God of War Ragnarok: Where to find all four Lost Pages

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Lost Page #3: The Wishing Well (Vanaheim)

In order to gain access to The Wishing Well, you are going to have to travel to the northern portion of Vanaheim near The Plains. You have two options to access The Wishing Well. You can either take the path from The Jungle or you can take the path from The Sinkholes. Whatever path you decide to take will lead you to The Wishing Well. After you arrive in The Wishing Well, make your way upwards and you won’t miss this Lost Page.

Lost Page #4: The Forbidden Sands (Alfheim)

The fourth and final location of a Lost Page in God of War Ragnarok can be found in Alfheim. Make your way to The Forbidden Sands location and when you get there go East to find the Elven Sanctum. There are many areas to explore in the Elven Sanctum, but you want to look for a table on the ground level near the main entrance. The Lost Page will be on the table and you will have found the fourth and final Last Page.

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Once you have acquired all four Final Pages, you will have access to four new craftable Relics from the Blacksmith. Those Relics would be Hilt of Angrvadall, Hilt of Tyrfing, Hilt of Dainsleif, and Hilt of Ridill. Some of these Relics may turn out to be pretty useful to you on your God of War Ragnarok journey. Regardless, that is four less collectibles for you to find and four more Relics you will be able to craft.