Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to unlock 5 and 6-Star Raids

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have tons of Pokemon for you to try and collect. For you to actually collect them all, you are going to have to travel through the game’s very large open world and explore all of the regions Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have to offer. There is a ton for players to explore and even more Pokemon to be caught and used in Battles and Raids.

In order to let players know how difficult a Raid actually is, you will notice that Game Freak has integrated a Rating System. The ratings range from 1-6 Stars based on how hard that specific Raid will actually be. A 1-Star Raid is the easiest that you will come across while a 6-Star Raid is the hardest possible challenge that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will throw your way.

While many gamers have been exploring all of the various regions in the video game, you will have noticed your fair share of 1-4 Star Raids. These Raids are great to get some great rewards and additional practice in battle, but they do not compare to 5 and 6-Star Raids in any way. If you haven’t yet discovered a 5-Star Raid or a 6-Star Raid, that is because they are unlocked way later in the game and require a decent amount of work to unlock them.

How to unlock 5-Star Raids

To get your hands on a 5-Star Raid, you are going to have to dive deep into the main story of the game. In fact, you have to go so deep in the game that you need to complete the entire main campaign before 5-Star Raids are even made available to you. Once you complete the game and the credits are finished rolling, you will get a call from Jacq letting you know that your journey is not over yet and there are still tons of things that you can accomplish. One of those things that Jacq is alluding to is conquering 5-Star Raids which will be made available for you to find.

If you want to get your hands on a 5-Star Raid and test yourself to see if you can conquer them, they can be found randomly throughout Paldea. It should be noted that these Raids are going to be extremely tough and have quite a few Final Evolution forms of different Pokemon, but it will all be worth the battle if you can defeat a 5-Star Raid. If you can conquer these Raids, expect to get some great rewards like Rare Candy, Bottle Caps, Exp Candy, and so much more.