Clash of Clans: Best attack strategy for Town Hall 14

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Although Clash of Clans now features 15 Town Hall levels, entering Town Hall 14 really ups the difficulty on attacks. With new defensive buildings to counter, it’s one of the hardest to successfully three-star. While attack strategies will obviously change depending on the layout you’re facing, the following army composition and attack strategy can help you three-star most bases.

Attack Strategy for Town Hall 14

Army Composition

  • Healers: 5
  • Baby Dragon: 1
  • Yeti: 7
  • hogs: 8
  • Minion: 1
  • Bowlers: 12
  • Siege Machine: Wall Wrecker
  • 2 heal spells
  • 2 rage spells
  • 1 jump spell
  • 1 haste
  • Clan Castle: 1 rage spell + 1 freeze spell + 2 valkery + 2 ice golems + 2 wall breakers

How to execute the attack?

Step 1: Choose the side

Initially, choose a side to start the attack. Try to choose the side from which most high-profile defenses will be taken down. Step 1 is vital in laying the foundation of your attack.

Step 2: Create a Funnel archer queen

Now create a funnel on the side chosen. Create a funnel with the Archer Queen and follow her with 4 Healers on one side, and 1 Yeti and 6 Bowlers on another side. Follow them with the one remaining Healer.

Step 3: Use the rest of the troops

Once the funnel is done, deploy a Wall Wrecker and all Yetis are at the center. Use Barbarian King, Grand Warden, and also the Royal Champion. Deploy all Hog Riders at once when all troops are on the ground.

Step 4: Use Grand Warden Ability

When all troops are inside the sphere of Grand Warden, use his ability to have an early edge over defenses. Using the ability early will give your troops a chance to destroy defenses even at range.

Step 5: Proper use of spells

Using spells in at the right time and in the right place is very crucial in all attacks. Try to use the Rage Spell which will enhance most of the troops. The same goes for Heal Spell. Try to use the Heal Spell on Hog Riders or the Yetis.

Way Forward

Even though the attack strategy might seem a little hard, it can be very handy to implement it efficiently once learned. Following the given steps will surely help in mastering the attack strategy for Town Hall 14.

Players are advised to make minor changes to army composition as per their choices. Keep on practicing it, and keep on conquering new bases that come your way.