Pokemon Scarlet and Violet story path: Victory Road, Path of Legends or Starfall Street?

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There comes a point in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in which you reach a crossroads. It’s very early in the game. You’re presented with three quests almost all within 10 minutes of each other: Victory Road, Path of Legends and Starfall Street.

You can take the Victory Road route with Nemona in which you follow the standard “beat 8 gym leaders” quest. You can take the Path of Legends route with the irritating and irritable Arven in which you research mysteries and try to find special herbs. And you can take Starfall Street where you work with a mysterious phone hacker to take down the obnoxious Team Star.

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Each time one of these paths opens to you, your map is covered with waypoints and you get to tackle them in ANY order you want. So where do you start?

Believe it or not, you’re going to want to actually juggle all three stories at once. Starfall Street gets harder quickly so you’re going to need to level up, but if you don’t have enough gym badges, Pokemon up to a certain level won’t listen to you and you’ll be in trouble. So you’ll need to tackle Victory Road. But certain gyms and areas in the game aren’t accessible until you do enough of the Path of Legends to unlock other means of traversal.

So they all tie together. Personal though, for a good easy first step, head West out of the city with the school. The Bug Type gym leader is a short skip that way and is really easy if you have a type good against bugs.

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Beating her will at least let you get Pokemon up to level 25 to listen.

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Honestly, I’d prioritize Victory Road as the more you play ANY mode, the more your Pokemon will level and you never want to risk them getting a higher level than you can handle. So look into all of them but make sure to not neglect Victory Road. If you’re near a gym, make like Papa Swolio and get to the gym.