God of War Ragnarok: How to claim pre-order bonuses

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God of War Ragnarok hasn’t even been out a week yet and already gamers have been raving over Santa Monica Studio’s newest video game. God of War Ragnarok has taken the PlayStation community over by storm with massively positive reviews. The beautiful visuals, fantastic storytelling, and many areas to explore are only some of the reasons that make this new God of War installment so fascinating

Normally when video games are announced for pre-order, there are usually some pre-order incentives that go along with the announcement. If you were like most gamers and couldn’t wait to get your hands on God of War Ragnarok and decided to pre-order yourself a copy, you should have some pre-order rewards waiting to be claimed if you haven’t claimed them already.

Claiming your pre-order bonuses is fairly easy, but not as easy as loading up the game and will have them waiting for you when it is done loading. Once you have redeemed your pre-order bonus code, you are going to have to wait and dive into the main story before you have to chance to access those pre-order bonuses.

Luckily, all you have to do after putting in the pre-order bonus code is complete the very first chapter of God of War Ragnarok. Once you have completed Chapter One, doing so grants you access to Brok and Sindri’s Shop. Brok throws some dialogue in there about some items you may have lost that he has found and is returning to you. The items that Brok is talking about at this moment include all of your eligible pre-order bonuses.

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Once you are finished acquiring these “lost items” from the chest from Brok, you can continue on with the wonderful story and this time have your pre-order bonuses along with you for the journey. It may have seemed a bit odd at first redeeming your pre-order code and not knowing where you can claim these items, but once you get past Chapter One in God of War Ragorak, there is nothing left for you to do except enjoy a game that very well could end up winning Game of the Year.