PS5: Where to buy a PlayStation 5 this Holiday 2022 season

The holiday season is in full swing with retailers kicking off Black Friday sales earlier than ever. And the deals are lasting longer than ever. Throughout most of October and November, you could find discounts on many of the latest PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch games. But what if you’re in the market for a console? Is it possible to find a PS5 this holiday season?

Despite launching two years ago, demand for the PS5 remains high. And, unfortunately, supply remains low. There are multiple factors contributing to the supply shortage, but the overall takeaway heading into the 2022 holiday shopping season is that the PS5 console remains hard to find.

I can almost guarantee that you won’t be able to purchase a PS5 by simply walking into your local retailer. It’s possible that retailers might be holding some stock back specifically for Black Friday on November 25th but your best option to purchase a PS5 this year is online.

Below are the various retailers selling PS5 consoles this holiday season but as of this writing, all are currently sold out. So you’ll want to update frequently or keep an eye on social media channels for when the console is restocked. While some retailers do give a few days’ notice for when a new shipment will arrive, some quietly update their inventory.

As a reminder, there are two editions of the PS5. There’s the standard PlayStation 5 Console for $499.99. Then there’s the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console for $399.99 which is disc-free, meaning you can’t play physical PS5 games, only digital copies of games. Both versions are hard to come by but below are the retailer links for both.

PlayStation 5 Console

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console

You’ll notice that as of this writing the PS5 is in stock at Walmart. However, these are being sold by third-party vendors at an inflated price. If you don’t mind paying more then this is certainly an option.  However, I refuse to pay more than the standard pricing — even if it means waiting a bit longer.