Fortnite: Where to find and how to use Dial-A-Drop

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Fortnite has been one of the most popular games of the past decade. Not only was the game a breakthrough for Battle Royale style video games, but other video game franchises have also been inspired by the game overall. What has made the game continuously so popular over the years is that there are always new weapons, items, and cosmetics that make their way into it on the regular. If you have been playing Fortnite as of late, you may have noticed a new item in-game called Dial-A-Drop or you may have noticed the new item as part of your Weekly Quests for Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4.

The Dial-A-Drop item is a lot more on the rarer side. You shouldn’t expect to see too many of them in each of the matches you play. However, they are available to find scattered around the map if you are one of the players able to search out and find one.

You aren’t going to have to do anything out of the ordinary if you want to find the Dial-A-Drop. Dial-A-Drops can be found lying around on the ground, in chests, or even other natural Supply Drops just like most of the other items in the game.

The Dial-A-Drop is a very unique Supply Drop that Epic Games decided to add to Fortnite. The reason that makes this item so special is that it allows you to choose from three different variations of Supply Drops. When you use Dial-A-Drop your choices are Standard, Healing, or a Vehicle Drop.

If you decide to go with a Standard Supply Drop, you can expect to get exactly the type of Supply Drop that drops naturally around the Fortnite Island. You can also go with a Vehicle Supply Drop. The Vehicle Supply Drop can really help you in a pinch by spawning dropping you a pickup truck. This can be used as a clutch getaway vehicle or maybe the final piece to you winning the game. However, you want to go about using the Vehicle Drop is totally in your control. The final Supply Drop you can choose from would be the Healing Drop. You aren’t going to get any items that will help you fend off enemies in this one. Instead, you are going to get a bunch of various healing items such as health and shield supplies. This will no doubt be a go-to option if you are low on health and need it in a pinch. It might not grant you any weapons, but a little bit of extra health or shield can be the difference maker from getting 1st place or 10th place.

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All three of these Fortnite Dial-A-Drop Supply Drops have their own purpose for which they should be used. It is really all situational. This new addition definitely adds another aspect to Fortnite and if you end up coming across the new Dial-A-Drop item, just remember you aren’t invincible and calling in the Supply Drop will surely cause you to have a lot of added attention.