Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: How to unlock every safe in campaign

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is off to a historic start. While almost everyone is focused heavily on multiplayer, there are still a handful of gamers who love to play the Call of Duty campaign each and every year.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign takes you and Captain Price on an incredible journey. Along the way, you may come across some locked safes. Naturlaly, you need a code to unlock them. There are a total of three safes that you can unlock throughout the campaign with each of them having a different code and each containing various powerful weapons.

Safe #1

You won’t come across the first safe until you reach mission #11 titled El Sin Nombre. During this mission, you will find yourself inside a giant mansion where the main objective is to get a keycard from a man named Diego. If you follow the main objective, you will eventually find yourself in Diego’s room. In the room, you will notice that there is a closet that is closed. Go and open the closet and the safe will be sitting right inside it.

If you explore Diego’s room, you will eventually find a painting on the wall of Lazar Salgado with the date 02-02-2019 underneath his name. This is ultimately the code to unlock the safe in Diego’s closet. The code to unlock this safe is 02-02-19. Once you unlock the safe there will be armor plates and a Lockwood 300 shotgun waiting for you inside.

Safe #2

The second safe you will come across is in mission #13 titled Alone. At some point during this mission, there will be a building that you enter with a shotgun trap that you have to deactivate. Once you do that you will head upstairs to a cafe area. The cafe area is right after you open the door with the dying man on the other side. Once you are inside the cafe there is going to be a door that is locked. You are going to have to craft a tool to pry open the door to reach the safe. The code to get inside the second safe is 10-10-80. Once you put in the code you will be able to grab a throwing knife and a .50 GS pistol.

Safe #3

Easily enough, the third and final safe is also in the mission Alone. Once you go downstairs and exit the cafe, you will find a garage next to the building. Enter the garage and there will be a few cars inside, but more importantly, you will find the safe. The safe will be in a corner of the garage in a room to the left of the car on the car lift.

Once again, the safe will be locked and you will need a code to unlock its contents. The code to get into the safe is 37-60-80. Once inside the safe a crossbow and a throwing knife will be waiting for your taking. Once you unlock this third and final safe you will have gotten them all and will unlock the Gentleman Thief Achievement/Trophy for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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As you progress through each of these missions, it doesn’t hurt to take a second and grab the contents out of each of the three safes. It doesn’t hurt you and will only make each of the respective missions easier to complete. The first safe doesn’t appear till mission #11 so you will have quite a bit of time before you first encounter one, but at least now you know where to expect to find them so you can breeze through the first ten missions without having to worry about missing a safe.