Overwatch 2 disables Mei: Here’s when she’ll return to the game

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If you logged into Overwatch 2 recently you may have noticed that Mei is no longer playable. That’s because everyone’s favorite ice-blasting scientist has been temporarily disabled due to a glitch.

According to Blizzard, Mei had a bug with her ice Wall ability that allowed heroes to reach unintended locations. Various reports suggested that the ability was letting her and her allies reach areas that were out of bounds, giving them an advantage during matches. There were also reports of her wall not blocking certain abilities.

While Blizzard is looking into the issue, she will be unavailable as a playable character. The goal is to have her return with the upcoming patch due out on  November 15th.

Mei isn’t just disabled from Competitive Ranked play, but all modes. You can’t even play her in Custom Games or the Practice Range.

Mei is now the third hero to be temporarily disabled since Overwatch 2 launched in early October. Bastion was also temporarily removed from the game when it was discovered he was able to shoot off too many artillery shells. Torbjorn also have a bug that allowed him to access his Overload ability for longer than intended. However, Torbjorn could still be played in Quick Play whereas Bastion and now Mei was completely removed from the game.

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When Mei does return to the game it will be as part of a patch that nerfs multiple heroes, including Zarya, Genji, Sombra and Kiriko. The changes to each of these heroes should alter the meta a bit as these are some of the more overplayed characters due to their current strength. Mei isn’t exactly overpowered but she is one of the more frustrating heroes as she can slow you with her freezing spray. Of course, with this glitch, she does become a bit of a cheat, so hopefully, Blizzard is able to address the issue soon and get her ready to go by November 16.