Marvel Snap guide: Best decks for beginners

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The Ongoing Deck

This one is a real fun one if you want more of the lesser-known cards in your deck in a fun way. In Marvel Snap there’s two kinds of abilities your card might have. “On Reveal” means that they do what they’re going to do when they’re first revealed. For example, when Jubilee enters the game she brings in a random card from your deck with her in an explosion of fireworks. Then there’s the “Ongoing” abilities. These are ones that stay active and live during the whole game. For example, Colossus has an Ongoing ability that says “can’t be destroyed, moved, or have its Power reduced.” That goes the whole time.

We’re going to focus on the Ongoing with a few exceptions.

Absolutely load your deck up with any cards with Ongoing abilities. They may seem a little all over the place but they’ll work together eventually. Armor’s shield prevents people from taking out your Ant-Man. Klaw will boost the power of the spot to his right and Iron Man will double the power at whatever location you play him at. Devil Dinosaur will get a massive power boost for every card you have in your hand, and if you play Moon Girl, while she’s not Ongoing, she has an On Reveal action that doubles your hand giving Devil Dinosaur a huge power boost.

For some real fun, play Spectrum at the end. She has an On Reveal ability that gives +2 power to all cards on your side with Ongoing powers which can really turn the tables if you have an area with four Ongoing cards, giving that spot a +8.

Tip: A great Ongoing card to add to this deck is Cosmo the Psychic Dog. While he is the bane of any Marvel Snap’s existence with the ability to prevent any card from being played at that location by using an On-Reveal ability, most of your cards are Ongoing. So…unless you just happen to be playing someone else going all Ongoing, you’re probably going to mess up their Christmas pretty good with that Cosmo.