Marvel Snap guide: Best decks for beginners

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The Moving Deck

This is a deck you need to be a little careful with because a bad opening draw can really decide a round for you.

For this trick, you’re going to want to look up cards that have special abilities involving movement. And for that, there are multiple kinds. You have cards like Nightcrawler and Vision that can teleport. You have cards like Doctor Strange and Cloak that can teleport others. And then you have cards that get more power when they move like Human Torch and Vulture. If you get a good mix of the last two you can really boost the power of your cards quickly, as long as you’re lucky.

The tricky bit here is that sometimes you’re going to be able to play a card but you might want to wait. For example, you might have Cloak in your hand on your second turn. But if you play him, you’ll only be able to move the cards you already have out on your second turn, meaning that if you don’t have any cards out with moving abilities, Cloak is pretty useless.

With careful planning, you can also boost cards several times with careful placement. For example, turn 4, have one of your cards be Iron Fist. Next round you play Vulture and Cloak. Because you played Iron Fist the last turn he’ll hit Vulture making him go one to the left. Vulture’s ability lets him gain +5 power every time he moves so now he’s gone from 3 to 8. But because you also played Cloak, you can move Vulture over to Cloak on the following turn. Do that and Vulture goes from 8 to 13. And heck, if you manage to finish off the game by playing Heimdall (who moves ALL your cards one location to the left) you’ll bring Vulture from 13 to 18. In the meantime, Iron Fish, Cloak, and Heimdall added 14 other points to the board.

Tip: A great card to add to this is the newly added Miles Morales card. While a card that costs 4 energy to play for only 5 power doesn’t seem that great, Miles has the special ability of only costing 1 energy to play if a card moved on the previous turn meaning you can make a lot of turns a +5 turn just by moving a card.