Path of Legends: Clash Royale’s new competitive ranked mode explained

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Clash Royale’s next major update is set to arrive on October 26 and when it does, it will completely shake up competitive ranked play. With the update, Supercell is making big changes to the Trophy Road, which includes the removal of the old League system and the introduction of the Path of Legends.

The idea behind the new Trophy Road is the give players the option to play casually for Trophies and rewards or competitively in Path of Legends.

Trophy Road is now basically a way to enjoy Clash Royale without the pressure of worrying about winning or losing Trophies. It allows you to earn Chests and Victory Gold without the fear of losing anything. It also lets you unlock Champions now. It maxes out at 7500 Trophies and does not reset at the start of a new season.

But for the competitive Clash Royale players, you’ll want to stick to the Path of Legends. This is unlocked at Arena 15 in Trophy Road (5000 Trophies/King Level 30). Once unlock, tap on the icon next to the Battle button on the main screen.

Path of Legends will continue to have seasons with each new season offering special one-time rewards. Rewards will refresh with each season.

The goal of Path of Legends — as with any competitive ranked mode — is to rise to the top. Winning a battle in Path of Legends will allow you to climb the ranks which consist of two types of steps: Stone Steps and Golden Steps.

Stone steps will break after a loss, sending you back down the path. However, Golden steps do not break, effectively serving as a safety net. If you lose at a Golden step, you will not drop below it.

Think of it as divisions. Each Golden step represents the floor of a League division. So you’ll want to aim for the Golden steps.

At the top of the Path of Legends is the Ultimate Champion League and the Hall of Fame. As explained by Supercell:

"In the Ultimate Champion League, players are awarded a rating based on the number of wins and losses they accumulated on their journey to the top League, starting from Master II (League 5).This rating will evolve depending on win-rate, and will reset with each ranked Season.If you’re among the best 10,000 players, you will be awarded a rank and enter the Hall of Fame! The Top 1000 ranked players will appear in a Global Leaderboard, displayed at the end of the Path of Legends."

At the end of each Ranked Season, your place in the Path of Legends will also reset. But while you’ll be starting at the bottom again, you’ll receive a Win Multiplayer based on where you finished the previous season to help you climb back up there more quickly.

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And of course, the Path of Legends will offer unique rewards. Some will be one-time rewards that you can only earn once, while others will refresh with each season reset.