Clash Royale: Champion Monk and Legendary Phoenix revealed

Supercell /

Supercell finally revealed the contents of the upcoming Clash Royale update which will contain two brand-new cards. As previously teased, the real-time strategy card game will introduce a new Champion and Legendary unit.

Before we get into the new cards, I do want to quickly address the changes coming to Clash Royale’s Trophy system because it impacts how you will be able to unlock Champions. No longer are Champions exclusive to King Level 14. Now you’ll be able to unlock Champions through the revamped Trophy Road, specifically Arena 16 (Golden Knight and Skeleton King at 5500 Trophies), Arena 17 (Archer Queen and Miner at 6000 Trophies) and Arena 18 (Monk at 6500 Trophies).

Meet the Monk (Champion)

The Monk is a brand new Champion coming to Clash Royale. He hails from the Silent Sanctuary arena and you’ll unlock him at 6500 Trophies on Trophy Road. The Monk costs 4 Elixir and features a special ability that allows you to reduce damage and reflect projectiles back towards the enemy.

When on the attack, the Monk will unleash a powerful 3-hit combo that pushes enemies back and deals additional damage on the final strike. For his special ability, Pensive Protection, the Monk creates a protective dome around himself and nearby allies. Those affected by Pensive Protection take reduced damage. Any projectiles that hit him, like the Rocket or Goblin Barrel, are launched back toward the enemy.

 Phoenix (Legendary)

The Phoenix is a Legendary card. It’s a melee flying unit with the ability to be rise again on the battlefield.

Once defeated, the Phoenix will explode and deal fiery area damage to nearby units and buildings. It will also retreat into a Phoenix Egg. If the egg is not destroyed in time, the Phoenix will be reborn with full hitpoints and ready to fight again. The Phoenix can only be reborn from its egg once per deploy.

When are the Monk and Phoenix coming to Clash Royale?

Both the Monk and Phoenix will come to Clash Royale when the update drops on October 26.