NHL 23 Loyalty Rewards: How to get your free reward packs

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EA Sports has always loved rewarding their NHL video game fans based on their loyalty to the franchise. If you have played NHL video games in the past, you can usually expect to receive some sort of Loyalty Reward in the newest NHL video game. The Loyalty Rewards usually come in the form of receiving a certain number of Hockey Ultimate Team Packs. For NHL 23, there was a bit of a mixup regarding this year’s loyalty offer, but EA took to Twitter to clear up the confusion.

The NHL 23 community manager Clappy (@TheClapperton) and EA Sports NHL have both confirmed that they are working towards providing the original loyalty rewards offer. Based off of the image that they have released, you will be rewarded with more Hockey Ultimate Team Packs for the more years that you have played NHL video games.

  • 3 Loyalty Reward Packs: You must have played one of either NHL 20, NHL 21, or NHL 22.
  • 5 Loyalty Reward Packs: You must have played at least two previous NHL games of either NHL 20, NHL 21, or NHL 22.
  • 10 Loyalty Reward Packs: You must have played all three NHL games of NHL 20, NHL 21, and NHL 22.

If you are an avid fan of the NHL franchise, you are going to be rewarded with more Loyalty Reward Packs. The more packs that you are able to open in Hockey Ultimate Team, the better chance you have of getting off to a faster start than some of the rest of the players who are just starting out.

Another common question that has come up since this announcement is, how will Club Bags work for previous owners of the game? Clappy has also confirmed on Twitter that those will be granted as part of the Loyalty Rewards also.

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EA Sports has always liked the idea of rewarding returning players as a way to say thank you to their fan base for playing previous versions of the game. If you are wondering how EA knows if you have played their games in the past, it is because of your EA ID that is used when you play NHL. There is nothing extra you have to do to claim these rewards. If you have met any of the requirements above, you can expect to receive your Loyalty Rewards if you have not received them at this point in time.